Frugally Food

Frugally Food

Step one for a good life is healthy eating and to my mind, it shouldn’t take a ton of time to accomplish that.  So this section explores fast and healthy foods that won’t break the bank!

Below are the recipes I have written about already and I have made a note of the ones that require very little (if any) cooking:

Sugar Snap Peas Stir Fry (ten minutes)

Southwest Soup  (microwave only)

Super Simplified Huevos Rancheros (about five minutes cooking time)

Chicken with Mandarin Spinach Salad  (no cooking)

Avocado Chocolate Banana Smoothie  (just using a blender)

Basic Pancake Recipe

Hummus  (just using a blender)

Cumin Coriander Eggs

Broccoli Pesto Salmon

Microwave Bread Pudding  (microwave only)

Mushrooms and Peas with  Eggs  (about five minutes cooking time)

Strawberry Banana Smoothie  (just using a blender)

Yam and Green Pea Dal

Almond Milk (just using a blender)

Quickest Black Bean Salad  (no cooking)

Roasted Almonds

Dairy Free “Whipped Cream”  (no cooking)

Oven Baked Yam Fries