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Sedentary Lifestyle


There has been research lately saying that a sedentary lifestyle is just as dangerous to a person’s health as smoking or drinking. But if you’re like me, it’s difficult not to sit all day because the computer at the office is on a desk and I have to sit at the desk in order to work on the computer. I have never seen standing desks in an office environment. I am sure they exist.  Just not near me.

So it’s important to get up and walk around every hour or so at the office to get some exercise in.  Walk to the kitchen and get some water.  Print one document at a time and walk back and forth to the photocopier to pick them up.

If you are like me, you work in an office that takes up several floors in one office building. Which is great news!  So now once an hour, go for a walk and take the stairs. Start slowly. Maybe just go down the stairs to start with and ride the elevator back up to your floor. Or walk down three flights of stairs and then back up one flight. Change it up. The point is to get some exercise and not be all sweaty for your next board meeting.

Cost to you: zero. And if you can sell your stairmaster on Craigslist you will even make money!

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Savoury Breakfast


At what point in history did breakfast become a dessert?

I am sure when the principal occupation was farming that people didn’t start the day with sugary cocoa fruity puffy loops with sprinkles and milk on top. Of course jam filled this and syrup covered that is definitely dessert like too.

Don’t get me wrong I am certainly not advocating a return to the stick to the ribs hearty breakfast of yesteryear because those people were working hard! All day long! They needed the calories.
We here in computerland with our sedentary lives do not need all those calories. But I would say there is definitely a need for savoury breakfasts. So I am going to be trying some out and see how I like them.

Savoury breakfast number one (superfast)

rice cakes and

I have been trying this breakfast for awhile now and is it ever good!

You need to have the original rice cakes which are just plain brown rice (no flavouring whatsoever) and then you get whatever type of hummus that you want.

I like my hummus  with roasted garlic but you can get all kinds of hummus these days.  There is  sweet potato hummus or avocado hummus  and on and on.

With all the different varieties of hummus available you will never get sick of this for breakfast!

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Peace on Earth


We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.

Sir Winston Churchill

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Tis the Season


Tis the season for enjoying yourself and relaxing after a long, difficult year.  Thankfully there are ways to indulge this Christmas season and yet still be healthy about it.  For instance:

  • dark chocolate is very good for a person.  The darker the better.  Especially if it has not very much sugar.  The polyphenols in dark chocolate (70% oocoa or higher) are known for their protective effects against cancer.
  • red wine is good for a person (in moderation).  One glass a day to accompany your healthy diet of fruit and vegetables will give you a shot of the molecule called resveratrol which has positive effects on the cardiovascular system and in cancer prevention.
  • berries are anti-cancer powerhouses.  Raspberries and strawberries contain ellagic acid which blocks at least two proteins essential to the development of cancer.

If you want to read more about it, I found this information in a book called “Cooking with Foods that fight Cancer”.  It was written by two PhD’s and talks about foods that are beneficial for people.  Plus the book is chock full of recipes!

So get out there and enjoy your dark chocolate and berries with your glass of red wine.  Mmmm sounds good!


Winter Brights


This week’s frugally fun is redecorating for next to nothing.  Earlier this year I decided to do some things to make the bedroom more cheerful and bright during the dark days of winter.

So I pulled out a lovely coral pink bedspread that I had in storage.  Cost: zero.

And I found a cute brightly coloured teacup and a large peony flower at the dollar store for on the side table.  Cost $3.

I brightened up a dark green chair by repurposing a white bedsheet into a slipcover and adding a beautiful floral pillow.  Cost $2.

And I spray painted an old lamp I had turning the base from a dark, sombre brown into a lovely bright Caribbean blue.  Cost $2.

So for $7 I completely changed the look in my bedroom.  Now it’s sunny and bright and cheerful.  And I’m dreaming of tropical vacations much more often.

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Walking in Winter


Walking is my favourite exercise.  In addition to a great workout, it’s a fantastic way to get outdoors and enjoy fresh air and beautiful natural surroundings.

However this time of year, the air is just a little too fresh and the natural surroundings are a little too much like frozen hinterland.

So what’s a poor walker to do?  There is the treadmill option.  Or there is mall walking (see if you can find a mall that opens its doors to walkers before the stores open otherwise it is just too frustrating trying to walk around milling mall crowds).

If you work in a large office building, walk the long way around the floor to get your coffee or lunch.  Take the stairs between floors instead of the elevator.

A good idea I heard was instead of sitting and watching tv, march in place while watching your favourite sitcom.

Try out any or all of these ideas and figure out which works best for you so you can stay in shape because walking season will be here before you know it.

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Ten Minute Recipe


Here is a ten minute recipe that is good for any time of year but is especially handy for this season when people want a quick, healthy meal full of crunchy vegetables.  It makes it so much easier not to overindulge in Christmas cookies and Christmas treats when your stomach is full and happily digesting away.

Sugar Snap Pea Stir Fry

1 small package sugar snap peas (enough for one person)

1 small package of deli cut ham (enough for one person)

Rinse the peas thoroughly then cut off the tips of each end of the peas.  Cut up ham into bite size pieces.

Heat a frying pan over medium heat.  (Use a pan that comes with a tight fitting lid.)

Add the peas to the pan and put the lid on immediately.  Let cook for two minutes.  Then flip the peas over and put the lid on again.  Cook for another two minutes.

Add the ham then continue cooking….flipping and stirring occasionally.

When the peas are tender and the ham starts to brown a little, it’s ready.  Enjoy!

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Shopping for Free


Stress is a major contributor to a lot of health problems and one of the biggest stressors these days is worrying about money.  So this website will be showing you ways to have fun without spending a lot (or any) money.

So today we are going shopping.  But we’re not going to the mall.  We are going to the closet.  That’s right you are going to shop through the clothes you already have.

Obviously you loved all your clothes at one point in time.  I’m sure you were beside yourself with joy that you were able to get A,B or C on sale for next to nothing.  So rekindle that love.

Spend ten minutes creating new outfits using the clothes and shoes you already own.  Lots of fun.  Zero money.


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Strengthen your Core


Core exercises are not something that usually happen a lot during a regular day especially if you lead a sedentary life going from sitting on a bus to sitting in your cubicle to sitting in front of the tv.

So it’s good to have some core exercises included in your workout routine.

Here’s a ten minute core workout I found on youtube:

This workout is for beginners so it is great for me.  I really like the way she does the sit ups,  I’ve never seen that before and it works really well.

(As usual I am not endorsing any products associated with this video and I am not getting anything from anyone by pointing it out to you.  It just looked like it might be useful for me and possibly for you too.)

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The Perfect Food


Do you want to eat the type of food where you will get all the calories, protein, vitamins and  minerals your body needs without wasting any time on portion control or calorie counting or measuring?  Just eat a plant based diet.  You guessed it,  your mother was right all along.  Eat your vegetables.

Human beings have been scurrying around this planet for millennia and for 99.999% of that time we were munching on plants: fruits and vegetables with only occasional bits of meat from things we could get before they got us.

Our stomachs and digestive systems are used to this diet.  They expect this diet to function properly.  So when we feed it things like junk food and fast food, they rebel.  Big Time.  And you are not going to like the results.

To learn more about a plant based diet watch this two minute video about a documentary called “Forks over Knives”:

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