Frugally Food

Frugally Fun

What is the point of all that you do if you can’t have fun along the way?  This section will show you how to have fun for little to no money.  Now that’s fun!!

Below are just a few that I have written about already:

Winter Brights (redecorating for next to nothing)

Shopping for Free

Frugal Fun:  Film Festival  (and what’s film festival without comfort food so here is the post about healthy comfort food)

Frugal Fun: Theatre

Frugal Fun: Library

I’ve also written a lot of humourous/satirical posts on a variety of subjects.  These articles get the most comments of any of my writing and people really enjoy them.

So here are just a few of them:

The Curse of Perfectionism

Slave to Your Stuff

Step Away from the Herd

Change Would do you Good



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