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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead


I recently enjoyed a documentary entitled “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” about the efforts of an Australian man to significantly reduce his weight using juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables.   At the beginning of the film the man was severely overweight and had been ill for years with a rare disease that was linked to his obesity.

So in an attempt to improve his health, he embarked on a 60 day liquid diet consisting of juices, which when made from fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with micronutrients.  I’ve never tried these type of juices before, my concern was always about the possibility of being hungry all the time.

However as it showed in the film, he would be taking a entire plate full of fresh fruits and vegetables and juicing them, then drinking it.   He said it was very filling and he never felt hungry, which makes sense when you see how many veggies he was actually consuming.

By the end of the film he had lost a LOT of weight and had almost completely eliminated the drugs required to treat his illness.

So if that isn’t good news enough, during the course of the 60 days, he ran across another man who suffered from the same rare illness as himself.  This man was morbidly obese with even more severe health problems who also decided to do this liquid diet for 60 days.  Well the change in his health and weight was incredible!  He literally looked like a completely different person after 60 days!  If I remember correctly I believe he said he lost six bowling balls worth of weight in 60 days!

I definitely recommend investing one and a half hours to watch this documentary and see if there are ideas in this film for you to improve your health and wellness.

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Bacon in a Vegan Recipe Book?


I recently got a vegan/vegetarian recipe book from the library because I want to incorporate more plant based whole foods into my diet (watch the documentary “Forks over Knives” or read this post of mine or this post of mine if you want to find out why).

Anyway the first thing that struck me about this recipe book is that it has a lot of recipes that call for tempeh bacon.  I’ve never tried tempeh bacon before so cannot comment about it one way or the other.

I just don’t understand why non-meat products are made to look, and chemicalized to taste, like a meat product.  I assume vegetarians don’t want to eat meat so why would they want to eat something that tastes like meat?  Why not have food taste like what it actually is?

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I watched a documentary lately and it said that an alarming number of Americans go hungry every day.  It said there are “food deserts” where people do not have access to a grocery store and basically have to buy their groceries at a convenience store with all the poor food options that are available there including zero access to fresh fruit and vegetables.

It profiled families from many different parts of the country, even some from rural areas and what I found strange is that none of the families, not even the ones in the farming communities, were growing their own food.  Gardening skills were not even being taught in the classroom where some of the children were so hungry they couldn’t concentrate on their schoolwork.

If you or someone you know lives in a food desert, you should know:

There are vegetables that can be grown indoors, that do not need soil or sunlight, that are ready to eat in three to six days.  Not only are they incredibly easy to grow, they are amoung the highest in vitamin content per serving of any food obtainable.  You can order the seeds through the mail and they will be sent directly to you.

A small amount of seeds will grow a large amount of sprouts and the seeds do not cost very much.  For example $3.49 of mung beans will keep you in bean sprouts for a long time.

I have grown sprouts in the past with great success but I think I will start growing them again because it is definitely a good skill to have.

An excellent website to check out to find out how to grow sprouts is linked below:

It is also a place where you can order seeds.


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New Documentaries


I recently watched a couple documentaries that could have been very useful for improving people’s lives.

One was called “Sugar Coated”.  It was about how sugar is bad for a person’s health.  Well that is what it should have been about anyway.  What they ended up concentrating on is comparing the evil marketing campaigns of sugar companies to the evil marketing campaigns of tobacco companies.

I know this will come as a shock to you but apparently big businesses who have always made a shit load of money despite mounting evidence that their products are harmful still kind of want to make shit loads of money anyway and will go to extreme measures not to have the firehose of cash turned off.

The other documentary was called “Catching the Sun”.  It was about how solar energy is becoming more of a distinct possibility for people’s lives.  At least that is what they should have concentrated on.

Instead they spent most of the movie talking about how the American political system is totally fucked up and how they can never get anything accomplished because everything turns into personal vendettas and smear campaigns.  Big surprise.  Who knew?

The only useful take away from the second documentary is that the price of solar panels has dropped by 80% in recent years which is excellent news!!!  But you’ll have to find out more information somewhere else because it wasn’t in this film.



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Grocery Shop on a Tuesday


Tuesday is a good day to go grocery shopping at least in my neck of the woods.

Tuesday is the day they sell off all the stuff they wanted to sell on the weekend but didn’t so it is piling up and they need to sell it at a discount to get rid of it.  They do that on a Tuesday.  Especially things that have an expiry date.

Like lunch meat.

And hummus.

And mangos!!!!

Timing is everything in life.  And in produce.  Some grocery stores have dedicated areas for the excess produce and bakery goods that are about to expire.  So take advantage of these opportunities and make bulk amounts of salsa or strawberry jam or bread pudding (with the day old bread  YUMM!!!)

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Nutrition and You


I recently found an interesting website that explains the nutritional value of any fruit, vegetable,  herb, spice as well as nut and seed you can imagine.  It lists the health benefits of the various foods and breaks out the vitamin and mineral content of each as well.

If you want the best bang for your buck, you may as well spend your dollar on the foods that will benefit you the most nutritionally.

I found out many interesting things.  For example did you know that basil has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties?  I always loved pesto but I love it even more now!

I learned that peanuts have health benefits but also that they have 567 calories in 100g!  Just to make that for more visual for you, 100g of peanuts would fit into a shape the size of a tennis ball.  And that is 567 calories worth!  The average healthy sized adult needs approximately 2000 calories per day to maintain their weight.  So that would be one quarter of your daily requirement of calories in one handful of peanuts!

So eat some peanuts if you want but make sure to put just a few in a dish and only eat what’s in the dish (it’s far too easy to overeat peanuts and before you even know it, a lot of calories have been consumed.)

Anyway check it out.  The website is Nutrition and You.


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The Yuppification of Yams


Yams used to have two things going for it: they were one of the least expensive vegetables in the grocery store and they were good for you.

Now they are just good for you.

What with the surge in popularity of yam fries (aka sweet potato fries) this root vegetable is now the darling of the grocery store, with the price tag to match.  Don’t get me wrong they are still less expensive than a lot of vegetables.  I guess I’m just bitter because I’m not used to paying three dollars for a yam (okay the yam was big enough to make two cookie sheets worth of fries – so the value is still there.)

And it is a whole lot cheaper to make the fries yourself (recipe here) than to buy them in a restaurant.  Recently on vacation I went to a fish and chips place and they had the nerve to charge $7.50 for a small quantity of yam fries!!!  If I didn’t have a plane to catch…grrr.

So even though yams are more expensive than they were and people might be tempted to switch over to the regular potato here are some google facts about the benefits of yams over potatoes: Sweet potatoes have 400% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin A per 100g and they have the highest amount of beta carotene of any root vegetable.

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The Monetization of Disease


Before anyone had ever heard of coeliac disease you could walk into a grocery store and get a package of ordinary, unflavoured, run-of-the-mill rice cakes for about a buck.
Nowadays when you go to the grocery store you will find exactly the same product for two times as much and that’s only when it’s on sale! When it’s not on sale, it is almost 3 times as much!!

The only difference between these two products is that the packaging now reads gluten-free.

The same thing has happened with many other products ranging from rice crackers to corn chips based solely on the manufacturer’s ability to slap a GF label on it, coupled with their limitless greed.

Faced with all this rampant capitalism in action, it makes finding ways to be more self-sufficient through gardening a whole lot more appealing. And it makes a whole foods diet even more wonderful largely because you can grow the whole foods yourself.

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Savoury Breakfast


At what point in history did breakfast become a dessert?

I am sure when the principal occupation was farming that people didn’t start the day with sugary cocoa fruity puffy loops with sprinkles and milk on top. Of course jam filled this and syrup covered that is definitely dessert like too.

Don’t get me wrong I am certainly not advocating a return to the stick to the ribs hearty breakfast of yesteryear because those people were working hard! All day long! They needed the calories.
We here in computerland with our sedentary lives do not need all those calories. But I would say there is definitely a need for savoury breakfasts. So I am going to be trying some out and see how I like them.

Savoury breakfast number one (superfast)

rice cakes and

I have been trying this breakfast for awhile now and is it ever good!

You need to have the original rice cakes which are just plain brown rice (no flavouring whatsoever) and then you get whatever type of hummus that you want.

I like my hummus  with roasted garlic but you can get all kinds of hummus these days.  There is  sweet potato hummus or avocado hummus  and on and on.

With all the different varieties of hummus available you will never get sick of this for breakfast!

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