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Walking in Winter


Walking is my favourite exercise.  In addition to a great workout, it’s a fantastic way to get outdoors and enjoy fresh air and beautiful natural surroundings.

However this time of year, the air is just a little too fresh and the natural surroundings are a little too much like frozen hinterland.

So what’s a poor walker to do?  There is the treadmill option.  Or there is mall walking (see if you can find a mall that opens its doors to walkers before the stores open otherwise it is just too frustrating trying to walk around milling mall crowds).

If you work in a large office building, walk the long way around the floor to get your coffee or lunch.  Take the stairs between floors instead of the elevator.

A good idea I heard was instead of sitting and watching tv, march in place while watching your favourite sitcom.

Try out any or all of these ideas and figure out which works best for you so you can stay in shape because walking season will be here before you know it.

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Strengthen your Core


Core exercises are not something that usually happen a lot during a regular day especially if you lead a sedentary life going from sitting on a bus to sitting in your cubicle to sitting in front of the tv.

So it’s good to have some core exercises included in your workout routine.

Here’s a ten minute core workout I found on youtube:

This workout is for beginners so it is great for me.  I really like the way she does the sit ups,  I’ve never seen that before and it works really well.

(As usual I am not endorsing any products associated with this video and I am not getting anything from anyone by pointing it out to you.  It just looked like it might be useful for me and possibly for you too.)

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Everyday Exercise


Exercise is always so much easier to accomplish when it is part of your everyday life.  And I found a list of common everyday activities with the equivalent calorie burning potential.  Some of them are quite impressive.

Below is a list of calories burned for doing just ten minutes of each activity.

  • Walking downstairs  78-111
  • Walking upstairs  202-288
  • Preparing a meal  46-65
  • Shoveling snow  89-130
  • Repairing a car  43-59
  • Playing the piano  32-47
  • Caring for babies or toddlers  41-63
  • Gardening  42-59

Isn’t it encouraging to know that people can get quite a lot of exercise just by doing a bunch of chores around the house?

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Ten Minute Upper Body Workout


Exercise is very important to maintain health but I’m as guilty as anyone of letting exercise move down the list of priorities until it disappeared completely from my daily activities.

But no more!  I’m going to start exercising more often!

First up is a ten minute upper body workout.   There are MANY on youtube but this one looked interesting:

(Just to be clear, I’m not endorsing any products associated with this video and I don’t get any money from pointing it out to you.  I just thought it looked interesting so I tried it out.)

I tried this workout without the barbells and it was just as effective simply by using my own body weight as resistance.   I didn’t do “the scarecrow” for very long.   And forget about “the plank”.  That will be one for sometime in the future.  That’s the great thing about exercising at home at your own pace.  You can do the exercises at your own speed.  As long as you feel you are working your muscles without overdoing it, it’s all good.

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