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Ten Dollars of Fun


Recently I was at a birthday party for a one year old child and he received an incredible quantity of birthday presents. One present was more grand than the next. By the end of it he was surrounded by hundreds of dollars worth of toys and the only thing that he was interested in was the helium balloon that kept going up and down. One helium balloon kept his attention for a good twenty minutes. The only other thing he was interested in was the chocolate cake.

However it is NOT necessary to spend a lot of money on presents.  Here is what you can get for $10 that a small child would really like.

The most popular present I ever got a one year old was a rubber ball that looked like an ordinary, run of the mill, rubber ball until you bounced it on the floor…at which point the centre of it would light up with a million different coloured lights. This thing looked like a disco ball from outer space. It was amazing! And do you know that one year old was the biggest hit at his day care with this incredible bouncing ball. All the other mothers wanted to know where he got it from. Total cost for a rubber ball that lights up like crazy and will make a one year old the most rad person in the whole world: $2.00!

In case you can’t find one of those insane bouncing balls (and they’re hard to find…believe me a lot of mothers were looking for them!), you can get a bubble kit that will make those really big bubbles that kids go crazy for, for only $1.50!

Really cute picture books for kids can be had for two to three dollars.

And a bag of jellybeans that the one year old will love (but his parents will not) only costs $1.00

Oh and finally, a helium balloon is all of $1.00!

So we are up to a whole lot of fun that will keep a one year old busy (and popular) for a long time and we still have only spent $8.50!

What about you?  What is your favourite low cost present that you got for a youngster that he or she just loved?

2 Responses to Ten Dollars of Fun

  1. When our daughter was a youngster, my husband and I gave her a used Sit ‘n Spin we found for 2 dollars at a yard sale. We cleaned it up, and it looked (almost) good as new, and it worked great. Many hours of dizzy fun! (Why do kids enjoy getting dizzy?)

    • Pamela Kenney

      So true Priscilla! I was playing tag with my nephew on the weekend…the most giggling happened when he was running around and around in circles.
      Good for you for extending the useful life of the Sit ‘n Spin! I shop at the thrift all the time and find so many barely used items (some still have tags on them!)