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How to Save Money While Having Fun



Coming soon to Frugally Food and to an ebook store near you, a new book entitled “How to Save Money While Having Fun” by Pamela Kenney.

A book like this is definitely needed in today’s day and age what with a huge percentage of the population struggling with debt.

I see so many people spending a TON of money on things and experiences that are supposed to be fun.  Exotic trips overseas, high end motorized vehicles like ATVs and muscle cars, hockey…even the costs for having kids in baseball are through the roof!

Speaking for myself, there is no way I could relax and enjoy my life if I knew I was going into debt to have fun or would end up paying double the price just in interest charges.

Especially when there are countless low cost and no cost ways to have fun.

This book will bring a lot of them together in one place.  Before you know it, you’ll be having a much more relaxing and enjoyable social life and it won’t be costing you a dime!

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