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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead


I recently enjoyed a documentary entitled “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” about the efforts of an Australian man to significantly reduce his weight using juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables.   At the beginning of the film the man was severely overweight and had been ill for years with a rare disease that was linked to his obesity.

So in an attempt to improve his health, he embarked on a 60 day liquid diet consisting of juices, which when made from fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with micronutrients.  I’ve never tried these type of juices before, my concern was always about the possibility of being hungry all the time.

However as it showed in the film, he would be taking a entire plate full of fresh fruits and vegetables and juicing them, then drinking it.   He said it was very filling and he never felt hungry, which makes sense when you see how many veggies he was actually consuming.

By the end of the film he had lost a LOT of weight and had almost completely eliminated the drugs required to treat his illness.

So if that isn’t good news enough, during the course of the 60 days, he ran across another man who suffered from the same rare illness as himself.  This man was morbidly obese with even more severe health problems who also decided to do this liquid diet for 60 days.  Well the change in his health and weight was incredible!  He literally looked like a completely different person after 60 days!  If I remember correctly I believe he said he lost six bowling balls worth of weight in 60 days!

I definitely recommend investing one and a half hours to watch this documentary and see if there are ideas in this film for you to improve your health and wellness.

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