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I watched a documentary lately and it said that an alarming number of Americans go hungry every day.  It said there are “food deserts” where people do not have access to a grocery store and basically have to buy their groceries at a convenience store with all the poor food options that are available there including zero access to fresh fruit and vegetables.

It profiled families from many different parts of the country, even some from rural areas and what I found strange is that none of the families, not even the ones in the farming communities, were growing their own food.  Gardening skills were not even being taught in the classroom where some of the children were so hungry they couldn’t concentrate on their schoolwork.

If you or someone you know lives in a food desert, you should know:

There are vegetables that can be grown indoors, that do not need soil or sunlight, that are ready to eat in three to six days.  Not only are they incredibly easy to grow, they are amoung the highest in vitamin content per serving of any food obtainable.  You can order the seeds through the mail and they will be sent directly to you.

A small amount of seeds will grow a large amount of sprouts and the seeds do not cost very much.  For example $3.49 of mung beans will keep you in bean sprouts for a long time.

I have grown sprouts in the past with great success but I think I will start growing them again because it is definitely a good skill to have.

An excellent website to check out to find out how to grow sprouts is linked below:

It is also a place where you can order seeds.


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