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I recently watched a couple documentaries that could have been very useful for improving people’s lives.

One was called “Sugar Coated”.  It was about how sugar is bad for a person’s health.  Well that is what it should have been about anyway.  What they ended up concentrating on is comparing the evil marketing campaigns of sugar companies to the evil marketing campaigns of tobacco companies.

I know this will come as a shock to you but apparently big businesses who have always made a shit load of money despite mounting evidence that their products are harmful still kind of want to make shit loads of money anyway and will go to extreme measures not to have the firehose of cash turned off.

The other documentary was called “Catching the Sun”.  It was about how solar energy is becoming more of a distinct possibility for people’s lives.  At least that is what they should have concentrated on.

Instead they spent most of the movie talking about how the American political system is totally fucked up and how they can never get anything accomplished because everything turns into personal vendettas and smear campaigns.  Big surprise.  Who knew?

The only useful take away from the second documentary is that the price of solar panels has dropped by 80% in recent years which is excellent news!!!  But you’ll have to find out more information somewhere else because it wasn’t in this film.



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