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Mailbox Workout


I’m sure for many of you the last post about the grocery shopping workout seemed like a pretty straight forward, perfectly natural task to perform on a weekly basis.

So that post and this post are mostly directed to the many, many people I see every day who drive to the mailbox to pick up their mail.

Let me explain.  There is no home mail delivery here.  Instead mail is delivered to mailboxes that are situated at the end of each block.  So the maximum distance that a person would have to walk is half a block and that is only the guy who lives in the very centre of the block.  Most everyone else would have a lot shorter distance to walk.  And yet I see so many people get into their cars and drive to the mailbox, pick up their mail and then drive home again!!!

Gas burned needlessly and fat added to their asses in copious amounts just because they are too lazy to walk for five minutes on a beautiful sunny day to pick up a couple envelopes.

So this post and the last one are simple suggestions directed to those people, informing them that there is in fact another way to live.

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