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Grocery Shopping Workout


My favourite workout is what I like to call the grocery shopping workout.

What it involves is leaving your car at home and walking to the grocery store.  Most neighbourhoods have a local grocery store (although if you live in the suburbs you may be SOL – I’ve been in huge suburbs with thousands of houses and the only grocery store is on the very edge of the burb.  If this is your situation then modify the workout to include riding your bike instead of walking).

So step one is wear comfortable shoes.  Step two is make sure to shop with a grocery basket hanging over your arm so that you don’t end up buying too much food because you are going to have to haul it all home afterwards.  (Step number two is obviously the most important step!)  Step three: walk home.

It’s a great workout for your arms and legs.  And you save a lot of money on gas and gym memberships.

Also since you can’t buy cartloads of food to stuff into the trunk of your car, you will have to go to the grocery store more often.  Which means you will be getting this workout in every two to three days.  How’s that for a regular workout?  And nothing is more motivating than the threat of starvation to get you out the door and going for a walk.


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