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I recently found an interesting website that explains the nutritional value of any fruit, vegetable,  herb, spice as well as nut and seed you can imagine.  It lists the health benefits of the various foods and breaks out the vitamin and mineral content of each as well.

If you want the best bang for your buck, you may as well spend your dollar on the foods that will benefit you the most nutritionally.

I found out many interesting things.  For example did you know that basil has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties?  I always loved pesto but I love it even more now!

I learned that peanuts have health benefits but also that they have 567 calories in 100g!  Just to make that for more visual for you, 100g of peanuts would fit into a shape the size of a tennis ball.  And that is 567 calories worth!  The average healthy sized adult needs approximately 2000 calories per day to maintain their weight.  So that would be one quarter of your daily requirement of calories in one handful of peanuts!

So eat some peanuts if you want but make sure to put just a few in a dish and only eat what’s in the dish (it’s far too easy to overeat peanuts and before you even know it, a lot of calories have been consumed.)

Anyway check it out.  The website is Nutrition and You.


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