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The Yuppification of Yams


Yams used to have two things going for it: they were one of the least expensive vegetables in the grocery store and they were good for you.

Now they are just good for you.

What with the surge in popularity of yam fries (aka sweet potato fries) this root vegetable is now the darling of the grocery store, with the price tag to match.  Don’t get me wrong they are still less expensive than a lot of vegetables.  I guess I’m just bitter because I’m not used to paying three dollars for a yam (okay the yam was big enough to make two cookie sheets worth of fries – so the value is still there.)

And it is a whole lot cheaper to make the fries yourself (recipe here) than to buy them in a restaurant.  Recently on vacation I went to a fish and chips place and they had the nerve to charge $7.50 for a small quantity of yam fries!!!  If I didn’t have a plane to catch…grrr.

So even though yams are more expensive than they were and people might be tempted to switch over to the regular potato here are some google facts about the benefits of yams over potatoes: Sweet potatoes have 400% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin A per 100g and they have the highest amount of beta carotene of any root vegetable.

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