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The Monetization of Disease


Before anyone had ever heard of coeliac disease you could walk into a grocery store and get a package of ordinary, unflavoured, run-of-the-mill rice cakes for about a buck.
Nowadays when you go to the grocery store you will find exactly the same product for two times as much and that’s only when it’s on sale! When it’s not on sale, it is almost 3 times as much!!

The only difference between these two products is that the packaging now reads gluten-free.

The same thing has happened with many other products ranging from rice crackers to corn chips based solely on the manufacturer’s ability to slap a GF label on it, coupled with their limitless greed.

Faced with all this rampant capitalism in action, it makes finding ways to be more self-sufficient through gardening a whole lot more appealing. And it makes a whole foods diet even more wonderful largely because you can grow the whole foods yourself.

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