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Savoury Breakfast


At what point in history did breakfast become a dessert?

I am sure when the principal occupation was farming that people didn’t start the day with sugary cocoa fruity puffy loops with sprinkles and milk on top. Of course jam filled this and syrup covered that is definitely dessert like too.

Don’t get me wrong I am certainly not advocating a return to the stick to the ribs hearty breakfast of yesteryear because those people were working hard! All day long! They needed the calories.
We here in computerland with our sedentary lives do not need all those calories. But I would say there is definitely a need for savoury breakfasts. So I am going to be trying some out and see how I like them.

Savoury breakfast number one (superfast)

rice cakes and

I have been trying this breakfast for awhile now and is it ever good!

You need to have the original rice cakes which are just plain brown rice (no flavouring whatsoever) and then you get whatever type of hummus that you want.

I like my hummus  with roasted garlic but you can get all kinds of hummus these days.  There is  sweet potato hummus or avocado hummus  and on and on.

With all the different varieties of hummus available you will never get sick of this for breakfast!

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