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Winter Brights


This week’s frugally fun is redecorating for next to nothing.  Earlier this year I decided to do some things to make the bedroom more cheerful and bright during the dark days of winter.

So I pulled out a lovely coral pink bedspread that I had in storage.  Cost: zero.

And I found a cute brightly coloured teacup and a large peony flower at the dollar store for on the side table.  Cost $3.

I brightened up a dark green chair by repurposing a white bedsheet into a slipcover and adding a beautiful floral pillow.  Cost $2.

And I spray painted an old lamp I had turning the base from a dark, sombre brown into a lovely bright Caribbean blue.  Cost $2.

So for $7 I completely changed the look in my bedroom.  Now it’s sunny and bright and cheerful.  And I’m dreaming of tropical vacations much more often.

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