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Ten Minute Upper Body Workout


Exercise is very important to maintain health but I’m as guilty as anyone of letting exercise move down the list of priorities until it disappeared completely from my daily activities.

But no more!  I’m going to start exercising more often!

First up is a ten minute upper body workout.   There are MANY on youtube but this one looked interesting:

(Just to be clear, I’m not endorsing any products associated with this video and I don’t get any money from pointing it out to you.  I just thought it looked interesting so I tried it out.)

I tried this workout without the barbells and it was just as effective simply by using my own body weight as resistance.   I didn’t do “the scarecrow” for very long.   And forget about “the plank”.  That will be one for sometime in the future.  That’s the great thing about exercising at home at your own pace.  You can do the exercises at your own speed.  As long as you feel you are working your muscles without overdoing it, it’s all good.

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