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I recently saw a poster that showed recommended serving sizes for various types of food.

For example for cereal, rice or pasta the serving size should be about 1 cup which is about the size of a baseball.  And for beef, chicken or pork the serving size should be 3 to 4 oz or about the size of a deck of cards.

I can’t remember the last time I went to a restaurant where these guidelines were met.  The last time I ordered French fries, a mountain of potatoes appeared before me, easily 3 cups worth (not the 2/3 cup which is recommended for starchy foods).  Plate sizes and the quantity of food on them just keeps increasing and increasing at restaurants.

Which is yet another reason to cook at home…you can control the serving size, the salt and fat content and all for a lot less money than you would spend at restaurants.  (Have I convinced you yet?)  

For the times when you do eat out, consider eating a smaller amount and get a doggie bag for the rest (in some places that would be enough for two more meals!)

So here is a list of the recommended serving sizes:

  • Cereal, rice or pasta    1 cup   (the size of a baseball)
  • Beef, chicken or pork   3 to 4 oz  (size of a deck of cards)
  • Lunch meat, sliced cheese  2 to 3 oz  (size of 2 to 3 CDs)
  • Bread, potatoes, starchy foods   2/3 cup   (size of tennis ball)
  • Milk, yogurt, soup    8 fl oz  (size of paper coffee cup)
  • Beans, hot cereal  ½ cup ( size of 2 golf balls)
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