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Three ways to have a healthy holiday office party season


Holidays are fast approaching and nothing makes for a “better” time than when you mix alcohol (which is a depressant) with sugar (which makes people irritable and anxious).   And nowhere are those two things consumed in higher quantities than at the office Christmas party.   Combine that with spending even more time with the people you can barely tolerate for eight hours a day and you have a recipe for a Really. Good.  Time.

Okay… I’m being a little bit sarcastic here but we’ve all been to the office parties from hell and for better or for worse they are a corporate institution where you are encouraged to attend and show your team spirit.

Thankfully there are ways to prepare a healthy base before you set out for the holiday party that will make your celebrating much more joyful.

1)      Enjoy a light meal before you head out to the party.  Something like hummus (or black bean salad) will slow the absorption of sugar and alcohol into your system.  Also having a nice, light healthy meal in your stomach means you will be less tempted by sugary treats or eating more dinner that  you should at the party.

2)      Consider a clear coloured booze for your drink of choice.  That way when you finish it, you can fill it up with water and no one will be the wiser.  If that’s not an option, then get a glass of water in addition to the booze and drink more of the water.

3)      Bring a small bag of nuts with you to eat later in the evening if the party is supposed to go to the wee hours.  Same principle as with the hummus, the nuts digest slowly thereby smoothing out any sugar highs or lows from booze or sweet treats.

So there are just three ideas on how to have a happy, healthy office party.  So get out there and show them that you are part of the team!

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