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Redo Fast Food Part 2


So after reading my last post you got to thinking that an extra $275 per year would be pretty darn nice.  Just by rethinking two lunches.  Pretty easy right?

Well how about if you could save $400 per year with the same two lunches?  Even nicer right?

All you have to do is the next time you go to the grocery store, you get a package of uncooked chicken.  I can get five drumsticks (or five thighs) for $5.  Bring them home, rinse them off, put in a baking dish, sprinkle with herbs and put in a 400F oven for an hour.  That is less than ten minutes of effort to make chicken for five meals.  One dollar of chicken per meal.

Then while you are at the grocery store, get a package of prewashed lettuce.  Just plain lettuce.  I can get a container of baby greens: lettuce, arugula, beet greens – very tasty and very good for a person – for $2.97.  And there are enough salad greens in the container for three meals.

So when you go to work bring the container of greens, a bottle of salad dressing from you fridge (you know you have several in there) and some of the roasted chicken.

Voila!  Lunch for $2.  Four dollars for two lunches means you save eight dollars per week.  Which adds up to $400 per year!

See how easy it is to save money!

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