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Back to my Roots


As I said in the very first post of this blog – 40 posts ago – Wow! already – the number one way to save money on your food budget is to cook your meals yourself.

The message doesn’t seem to be reaching anyone however judging by the number of frozen dinners I see littering the garbage at work.  I think I am the only person who brings home-cooked meals for lunches (one guy said he can’t schedule meetings with me shortly after lunchtime because the smells make him too hungry lol).  But I digress.

So people still need to receive the message that it is possible to make healthy, home made meals that are less expensive than anything you can buy at a fast food joint.  To that end I am working on a cookbook that will help people do just that.

In order to write the most useful cookbook I can I would like to ask people where the stumbling block lies.  What keeps you from cooking your own meals?  Is it:

  • lack of knowledge on how to cook?
  • lack of time to do any cooking?

Or is it some other reason?  Let me know.  Leave a comment or send me an email.  Any and all of the above issues can be addressed and easily overcome, believe me.  You’ll be eating healthier and saving money in no time!

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