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The Best You Can Be


The other day I was reading one my favourite fashion/sewing blogs and was dismayed to read that she is converting a bedroom into a closet.

Now this woman is one of the best seamstresses I have ever seen.  She designs a lot of her own creations.  She often modifies ready made patterns in order to get a better fit or to tweek the style.  She has worked with every type of fabric and made it look fantastic ( and if you’ve ever done any sewing you’ll know how almost impossible that is).  I sincerely hope there is a pile of clothes that didn’t work out that she is hiding in a closet somewhere because otherwise she is reaching superhuman status with these creations.

And yet about 50% of the time I don’t like her outfit of the day.  The 50% of the time when she looks fantastic is when she is wearing something that flatters her body shape in a colour that looks good on her.  The other 50% of the time when she doesn’t look good is when she is wearing some fad – like a ridiculous colour that doesn’t make anyone look good (like fluorescent – hello ladies – fluorescent colours do not make anyone look good).  Or when she wearing some fad like jeggings (same note applies to jeggings).

And yet she has all this stuff so she can be trendy even though it doesn’t make her look good and is just a waste of time and money.  If she only kept the clothes that made her look good she would need a lot less space to store it and she wouldn’t need to make a bedroom into a closet.

She could instead spend more time on each piece.  I could totally see this woman creating masterpieces that would not be out of place in the world of couture.  She is THAT good.  So why does she waste her time on fads when she could concentrate on achieving greatness.

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