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Every time a discussion of simplicity or minimalism comes up  there always seems to be a segment of society that is shocked and appalled that someone would voluntarily choose to live with less stuff.  Simplicity and minimalism means different things to different people but a theme common to all is the wish to create the best life they can with the least amount of drain on the earth’s resources.

For me I was sick of the relentless neverending societal “encouragement” to acquire stuff and whenever I did get this stuff that was supposed to make me happy – big surprise – it never did.  Adopting a more minimalist lifestyle and living simply however does make me happier and has improved my life in so many ways:

Now I have a lot more TIME.  I don’t need to go to the mall because I have all the clothes I need to be warm and fashionable.  Since they are good quality and I take care of them they probably won’t be wearing out anytime soon so I can spend my time on things that are more important.

Now I have a lot more ENERGY.  Before I always had a million things on my to do list running the gamut from acquiring stuff to maintaining stuff to getting other people to maintain my stuff.  Now I have less stuff and I take care of it myself.

Now I have a lot less STRESS.  Before I was always anxious and worried because the stuff I had wasn’t as new or as flashy as the stuff that other people had.  Now I just have the things I need to make my life work efficiently and I don’t care if it’s five years old or twenty years old.  These days often the older it is, the better quality it is.

So now because of simplicity and minimalism I can concentrate on the things that really matter like eating healthy and exercising and achieving my goals and artistic pursuits.  You know LIFE.  Real life.

There are many other people embracing simplicity and minimalism.  One of them is Courtney Carver over at the blog Be More with Less.  I asked her the number one way that simplicity has improved her life.  She said, “Simplicity has provided so many benefits, but the most important is that it has
allowed me to eliminate so much stress in my life. Without debt and clutter, I
am much healthier and happier. ”

If you want to learn more about simplicity Courtney’s blog Be More with Less is full of inspirational articles and practical advice on how to get started down the road to being simply better.

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