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Advantages of the Avocado


In the continuing series of foods that are good for a person, this post will talk about the benefits of eating avocados.  And since it is still summer (okay I’m in a bit of denial over that one) at least there are still some deals to be had with avocados.  As is often the case, it is cheaper to buy in bulk when it comes to avocados instead of buying them individually.   Thankfully avocados are so versatile that they can be eaten every single day…guacamole one day, smoothie the next…another great way is to just cut the avocado in half, yank out the pit and just starting eating the avocado right out of the peel.  It makes a wonderful snack.

And now, from some reading that I’ve done, I find that avocados are also really good for a person.  I always knew that they were rich in omega-3 which is a good thing.  But I also discovered that they act as a “nutrient booster”, essentially increasing the body’s ability to absorb and make use of various nutrients.

However I think the reason some people don’t want to eat avocados is they perceive them as being fattening.   So here are some calorie comparisons so you can see for yourself.

Avocado  190 calories per 100 g

Banana   95 calories per 100 g

White Bread   280 calories per 100 g

If you want more information about the avocado or many other foods that are good for a person, I read all about it in “Improve your Mood with Food” by Alexandra Massey.

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