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The Curse Of Perfectionism


The wonderful Courtney Carver over at the blog Be More with Less recently wrote a post about punching perfection in the face which resonated with me since perfectionism is a curse upon the land in more ways than one.

Why are we so obsessed with being perfect?  When even the supermodels we see in magazines don’t look as good as their own pictures after every wrinkle and “imperfection” is airbrushed away.

We are even perfectionistic about being perfect.  Not only do we want the perfect hairdo and the perfect outfit.  We also want to be having the perfect time while we eat our perfect meals with the perfect mate by our side.

And why not?  Every ad and DIY program and magazine says that we can be perfect and we can have it all.  Not only can we but we deserve it as well.

But let’s take a closer look at the things we consider to be perfect.

What is the definition of the perfect lawn?  Lush, green and weed free.  Even though to achieve this requires dumping a LOT of poisons all over your yard and wasting water in obscene quantities.

What is the definition of the perfect job?  Something that makes more money than all your friends with an impressive job title so you’ll have a great answer to the question “What do you do?” at the next cocktail party.  Even though the “perfect” job might leave you bored out of your skull for ten hours a day while you waste your life commuting and you waste your talents and natural abilities which are the gifts you were put on this earth to share with the world to make it a better place.

What is the definition of the perfect house?  Something that has all the latest and greatest gadgets in the latest colours and styles.  Even though to achieve this requires people taking on crushing debts that they can never pay off thereby making them slaves to their stuff.

But stop for a minute and take a deep breath because here is the truth that every advertiser in the world is desperate for you not to find out:


People are supposed to get wrinkles.  Laugh lines are a visible sign of a happy life and isn’t that what you’re trying to achieve with all this perfectionism?  Happiness!

People are supposed to enjoy their lives and not spend every waking minute slaving away to buy the latest electronic gadget or have a fancy job title on a business card.

So take a look around you.  What are you wasting your life on trying to achieve perfection?  Spending hours and hours creating the “perfect” lawn when you could be going for a leisurely walk with your sweetheart instead.  Spending hours and hours in overtime so you can buy the perfect gadget when you could be spending more time with your kids.

Put perfectionism in its place and get on with living your life.

Because if one person wants a perfect lawn it means poisons are dumped and water is misused on one small piece of the earth.  Multiply that by millions and millions of lawns and it becomes a BIG problem.  An unsustainable problem.  For you.  For me.  For everyone.

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