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Decluttering: The Great Motivator


A great side effect of the whole decluttering process is in addition to all the time and money you will save, you will also be motivated to DO more.

For example early on in the process of decluttering my stuff I decided to whittle down my jewellery making supplies.  So I got rid of all the beads and findings that no longer interested me and sent them to the thrift store.  It was a very satisfying project because what started out scattered around the room in three different containers and locations was now all brought together into one small container.

Before if I wanted to make jewellery it would take 15 minutes of gathering supplies from this drawer and that closet.  After decluttering it takes one minute to get started.  The container is here, pop opens the lid and I can begin.

A great time saver.  And also a great motivator to do more things. Before it would take 15 minutes to start making jewellery but that was AFTER I spent half an hour telling myself why the 15 minutes were worth the effort.  I would think no, it’s easier to read and another part of my brain would say no, it will be fun to make jewellery.  The battle would rage for half an hour.  More often than not I would just read.

With the new decluttered arrangement there is no internal debate.  I get an idea for some jewellery, I pull down the container and start.

Very simple.  No stress.

This works so well that I have applied it to many other areas.  For example now I have a ‘baking station’ – a large container that holds all the dry ingredients I need to bake my favourite things.  I just pull out the baking station and pull the wet ingredients from the fridge and voila – homemade baking in no time!

Try it for yourself and see if it motivates you to DO more.


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