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Quick Dinner


Today I have a quick recipe that I came up with after a looooong day at work.  I looked in the fridge to see what was in there, picked three ingredients that would go well together and cooked them.  Simple, delicious and filling.

This recipe calls for frozen peas and you will be happy to know that vegetables don’t lose much nutritional value during the freezing process.

Mushrooms and Peas with Eggs

3 or 4 mushrooms

1 cup frozen peas

2 large eggs

Clean and dice the mushrooms.  Start them cooking in a frying pan over medium low heat. When the mushrooms are halfway cooked, add the peas and put the lid on.  Let that cook for four minutes or so.

Meanwhile crack the two eggs into a bowl.  Add a tablespoon of water and whip together until well mixed.  Once the peas are done, clear a spot in the frying pan and pour in the eggs.  Slowly mix the eggs and veggies together.  Stir occasionally until the eggs are cooked through.  Enjoy!


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