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Food and Moods


I’ve been reading an interesting book recently called “Improve your Mood with Food” by Alexandra Massey.  One of the bad foods that people eat is sugar and this book explains why it is so bad for us.

It says that in order for the body to properly digest carbohydrates, specific nutrients such as B vitamins and magnesium are also required.  Sugar however has none of these nutrients (and in fact sugar has no nutritional value whosoever) so the body needs to pull these nutrients from its reserves in order to digest the sugar.  This depletion of nutrients in our bodies is what makes a person feel lousy which explains the fatigue and anxiety and general aches and pains that come shortly after eating sugar.

This book also had some shocking statistics such as: sugar consumption has increased 30 percent in the last two decades!  And that nowadays enough sugar is consumed to make it equal to every man, woman and child ingesting a teaspoon of sugar every half hour – 24 hours a day!

If you want to reduce your sugar intake here are some suggestions:

  • eat a handful of nuts instead of a sugary snack
  • put cut up fruit on your pancakes instead of syrup
  • halve the amount of sugar you use now in coffee, on cereal, in baking
  • add spices to baking and lessen the sugar
  • eat fruit instead of sugary desserts

For other ideas as well as recipes I recommend this book.  It has a lot of interesting information about all types of food (both beneficial and not so beneficial).

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