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Feeding the Landfill


I read a rather unpleasant statistic the other day.  It said that 30% of household food is thrown in the garbage.  Not only is this a huge waste of money for the person doing the throwing, it is a huge waste of embodied energy considering that most anything you get in a grocery store these days is more well travelled than the average human being.

Vast amounts of energy are spent growing the food in the first place then more is spent processing it and packaging it then more is spent shipping it across the continent or around the globe.  Even more energy is spent advertising it to convince you to buy it in the first place.  All so that it can be thrown away where even more energy is spent transporting it to designated spots on the earth where it is allowed to fester and rot creating harmful by products.

Obviously the way to plug this gigantic chasm of wasted energy (and save yourself a lot of money at the same time) is to be diligent about eating all the food you bring into your house.  Since some people can’t think of what to do with leftovers, I’ll help you out.  If the same three vegetables have been staring back at you from the fridge for awhile now, it’s time to make some homemade soup.  Just chop up the veggies, add some canned tomatoes and some herbs, simmer till everything is cooked.  Enjoy!

Bread is another thing that should never be thrown out (unless it’s gone moldy).  If the bread has reached the rock hard stage then get out the grater and grate into bread crumbs.  Keep in an air tight container and it can be added at any future date to meatloafs or hamburgers or croquettes).

However if the bread can still be cut up then it’s time for one of the best things in life: Bread pudding!  And I have a recipe that is very quick and easy.

Microwave Bread Pudding

2 Tbsps butter or margarine, melted

2 eggs

1 cup milk

1/3 cup sugar

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp salt

2 cups bread cubes

Mix the wet ingredients together.  Add to the bread and make sure all the bread is completely soaked.  Let stand for five minutes or so.  Microwave for 5-6 minutes.  (The pudding will start to come away from the sides of the bowl when it is done).  Enjoy!

PS. I also have other ideas for using up leftovers with this article I did a few weeks ago.


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