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Time Budget


How you spend your time is a choice.  Just like how you spend your money is a choice.

If you want to spend your time standing in line at a fast food joint instead of standing in your kitchen cooking a healthy meal, that is your choice.  The time you invest is about the same in either case.

If you want to spend your time in doctor’s offices getting tests and procedures instead of investing the time to figure out what is healthy to eat and what isn’t, that is your choice too.  Doctors estimate that 30% of cancers are a result of unhealthy diets.

People are always obsessed with money and how to spend it, or not spend it, in order to make their lives better.  However people also need to start thinking about their time budgets just as carefully.  Is your time better spent sitting in front of the television for an hour or going for a walk instead?

Think of the useless time wasters that clutter up your life.  For example, the ultimate time waster, “going for a drive” which consists of aimlessly driving around burning gas and burning time – doing and accomplishing nothing.

Identify the time wasters in your life and figure out how to make better use of your time.  I know I am.

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