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Hidden Sugar


By now everyone has heard the news that sugar isn’t good for you.  From obesity to diabetes to many other health issues, sugar plays a big role.  So it is worth the effort to get sugar out of your life.

Some sources of sugar are obvious.  Soda pop for example is loaded with sugar.  However if you thought that switching over to fruit juice would be a way to reduce sugar you would be wrong.

After a quick trip to the grocery store to read some labels I found that soda pop has 30g of sugar per 250mL!!  That is 30g of sugar in one cup of pop!  A teaspoon of white sugar is 4g.   So there are 7.5 teaspoons of sugar in one cup of liquid!  That is unbelievable.

Walking over to the juice aisle revealed that fruit juice has 26g per 250mL!  Almost the same amount of sugar!

So the healthiest drink you can have (and the least expensive I might add) is water.  Plain water.  Don’t add “flavour” packs or buy it with vitamins added (I checked the label on those too and sugar is the second ingredient!)  Just have water.  Plain and simple.

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