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Protein Cost Savings


Canned Tuna.  The go-to item for all frugal types.  Is that what you think?  That thrifty people are eating canned tuna every night because it is oh so cheap?  Well they aren’t if they happen to own a calculator.   Because a few quick calculations would highlight the fact that canned tuna and canned salmon costs more than other types of protein.  A hell of a lot more in fact.

One can of tuna comes in at $8.00/kg whereas chicken drumsticks come in at $6.78/kg (except the other day when I got them and it was 30% off which means the drumsticks cost $4.54/kg.)

So canned tuna costs almost twice as much as chicken drumsticks.  And canned salmon is even more expensive at $8.30/kg.

The best bet for protein cost savings are beans.  I can get at least six meals from a $0.87 can of beans.  That comes out to $0.14 per meal.  Even the mighty egg which is another source of low-cost protein comes in at $0.20 per egg.

Of course on the other end of the spectrum is beef which weighs in at $10.56/kg making it a meal you might have once in a blue moon (which would be better for your health and for the environment anyway so it’s win-win.)


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