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Breakfast of Champions


If you want to save money on your food budget, don’t buy store bought cereal.  I have a great alternative that is just as fast and a whole lot tastier.

Oatmeal. Breakfast of champions for many, many generations.  I’ve been enjoying oatmeal for breakfast for years now and I find that I never get bored with it.  Some days I have it with cut up fruit on top.  Other days with a handful of raisins and/or nuts cooked in with the oatmeal.  The variations are pretty well endless.  And it is a great filling way to start the day.

Now I’m not talking about the individually packaged, sugar and “flavour” added instant oatmeal here.  I’m talking about the big 1 kg bag of oats, just oats, nothing else.  The quick oats kind you can microwave in two minutes or less.  To this base you can add many different combinations of food to arrive at breakfast heaven.

Still haven’t convinced you?  Okay let’s do a price comparison.  One box of store bought cereal costs anywhere from $3 to $5 or more.  That works out to around $0.50 per bowl.  And how many people do you know that just have one bowl of cereal in a day?  I know people who have a bowl of cereal when they get home from work at night.  I know people who have a bowl of cereal before they go to bed.  That’s a lot of cereal.

Compare that to a two dollar bag of oats (that’s the BIG bag of oats) which means each bowl of oatmeal is costing you ten cents!  And if you add some seasonal fruit or some raisins, that’s maybe twenty cents more.

However the biggest cost savings comes from the food value.  When I eat my oatmeal breakfast, I’m not hungry again until lunch.  I don’t feel the need to snack in the morning.  The same certainly cannot be said for store bought cereal.  When I used to have that for breakfast, I’d be starving again by 10 am.

So put those Shredded Cocoa Captn Puffs down and reach for the oatmeal.

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