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I have a confession to make.  I love pancakes for dinner.  Nothing hits the spot after a long work week than the comfort food of pancakes.

And there are so many different ways to have them.  They are great with fruit cooked inside like blueberries or saskatoons.  They are fabulous with fruit cut up and piled on top like peaches or strawberries.  OMG!  Blueberry pancakes with nectarines on top.  Okay I’m just going to take a short break right now from writing this article.

Mmmm.  I’m back and dang that was good.  Now where was I?  Oh yes pancake possibilities.  There are so many options and they don’t end at the fruit choices.  I have made pancakes with regular flour, with rice flour, with buckwheat flour, with quick rolled oats and combinations of all of the above.  I have made pancakes with regular milk, soy milk, almond milk.  I’ve even made pancakes without the requisite egg and they still tasted great.

So below is the basic recipe for pancakes.  I find all that is required is to keep the ratio of dry to wet ingredients the same.  For example the time I didn’t have the egg I just needed to add more milk.  However it’s not all free form cooking here… you will need the baking powder so if you’re out of that then get on your bike and go to the grocery store.

Basic Pancake Recipe

1-1/2 cup flour (e.g. regular flour, buckwheat flour, quick rolled oats, rice flour…note rice flour needs to be split 50/50 with another flour or it is too gritty)

1 Tbsp baking powder

2 Tbsp sugar (optional-the milk is usually sweet enough-especially vanilla almond milk)

1 egg

1-1/4 cup milk (e.g. regular milk, soy milk, almond milk)

3 Tbsp oil (e.g. canola oil, melted margarine, melted butter)

 Add the dry ingredients to a mixing bowl.  Mix together well making sure the baking powder is fully incorporated.  If you are adding blueberries (or whatever fruit) add it now and mix in so fruit is coated with flour (that way the fruit won’t stick together in clumps).

Add the wet ingredients and mix together well.  Over medium low heat drop some batter into a frying pan and cook till golden on both sides.

Cut up fruit and put on top if you want.  Enjoy!

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