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The Tale of Two Grocery Trips


I have discovered a much more pleasant way to go to the grocery store.

When I need a big shopping trip to load up on the staples consisting of all the heavy items, I take the car and in that short trip I have to use four different stop lights (three of which are always red).  All the while being harassed by the lead footed tailgaters who populate this town.  They apparently can’t see the bright shiny red light a short distance up the road.  They apparently are of the belief that if you charge at a red light at 100 kph then slam on your brakes at the last second that that will make the light turn green faster.  Their theory has not been proven correct yet.

So if I survive the parade of red lights next up is the parking lot maze.  Rats looking for cheese have easier times getting from point A to point B than anyone in a car trying to get from the road to any particular store in this mall zone where one strip mall after another are all crowded together and ZERO thought went into the design of the parking lots to serve them all.  All in all it is an exercise in futility and frustration.

So the other day when I only needed a few items,  I left the car at home, strapped on the bike helmet, attached my bike basket and set off.  I zipped along a crosswalk and through a neighbouring community which is a shorter distance than the circuitous route I am forced to take in the car on the road that winds around and around the neighbourhood.  On my bike I had to wait for one light at an intersection but after that it was bike path all the way.  As I zipped along I was able to pass all the fuming tailgaters sitting first at one red light then at another.  I think I might have waved.  Turns out tailgaters have zero sense of humour too.

The bike path continued and I followed it along through a lovely green parkway system planted with beautiful trees and shrubs.  None of this is visible from the parking lots because the pathway is tucked away behind the stores.  Zero thought went into the parking lots but this bike path was straight as an arrow, completely smooth, went exactly where I wanted to go and, the best part, I was the only one on it.

So after all that which mode of transportation would you say was faster?  The car I can hear you yelling at the computer monitor.  Nope.  It was a tie.  It takes the same amount of time no matter which method of transport.  But with the biking I get my daily exercise, I save money on gas and most importantly I am less stressed out because I didn’t have to deal with the aggressive brainless drivers on the road.

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