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Flex your Frugality Muscle


The other morning I did what millions of people do every day.  I looked in the fridge for a couple seconds then automatically jumped to the conclusion that “There’s nothing to eat.  I have to go to the grocery store!”  I think what triggered this response was using up the last egg in the carton.

So I made up a list of items I HAD to get and planned to go shopping that night.  Well as life happens, other things came up and I couldn’t go shopping.

And did I starve to death?

No.  As it turns out I still had plenty of food in the fridge and the pantry to make healthy meals.  All it required was thinking about it for more than a few seconds.  Noticing that I still had pesto that was tucked behind the soy sauce.  That discovery created two delicious meals.  Realizing that I can make pancakes without an egg and they still taste fantastic.  That was another two meals.  Eating a little bit of homemade jam with my plain yogurt instead of fresh fruit, that resulted in three delicious snacks (try it for yourself…you will love it!)

All in all I had another three days worth of healthy delicious meals in the house.  That is 10 meals and 6 snacks worth of food in the fridge and pantry after I thought I HAD to go to the grocery store.  So I am encouraging you to flex your frugality muscle* by delaying your grocery shopping and using up the food you already have in your house.  Guaranteed you will modify recipes to come up with great new food combinations just like I did (seriously…try the plain yogurt with just a little bit of jam!)

It’s a great feeling to use your creativity and imagination as a way to save money and efficiently use all the resources you already have on hand.

*  “Flex your frugality muscle” is a phrase I first heard over on the Mr. Money Moustache website which is a great resource for ways to save money on all aspects of modern life.


So it’s been a week and you have a diary full of meal descriptions from your food audit.  Well done!   Did fruit and vegetables figure prominently?  Excellent!   So now you need to look for the troublemakers in your diet and they are usually in the form of sugar.  Do you drink soda pop with your meals?  Eat a sugary snack when you watch television?  Pick one thing that you know isn`t good for you (we all know it`s not good for us even as we are eating it.)  Pick one sugary thing and do without it for a week.  Just one week.  See if you feel better.  See if you have more energy.  See if you lose weight.  If after a week you notice an improvement then pick another sugary thing.   You can always add some whole fruit or vegetables but make sure not to replace one sugary thing with another.

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