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Lose weight with pen and paper


What did you eat yesterday?  If you can remember, good for you.  I can’t remember what I ate yesterday and if I could then I definitely could not remember what I ate the day before that.  Given that a few days worth of meals is difficult to remember, suffice it to say it is almost impossible to think back over the past week and recall everything that you ate.

The value in keeping track of what you eat  for a week can be demonstrated by a little story about a fellow I used to work with.  This fellow was putting on weight and he couldn’t figure out why.  He would think back over the past week at the food he was eating and nothing jumped out at him as being the culprit.

So he decided to do a food audit.  And for one week everything that he ate and drank, he wrote it down.  At this point he wasn’t altering his diet or restricting himself in any way.  It was just a simple observational diary of whatever he was consuming.  No judgements involved.

Once the week was up he took out the diary and looked over what was written there. To his surprise he noticed that every night before bed he had gotten into the habit of having a bowl of ice cream.

So he decided to conduct an experiment.  He decided he would leave everything else the same and not alter his diet in any way.  The only change he would make would be to eliminate the nightly bowl of ice cream.  That was the only change he made to his diet.

And what do you think happened?  That’s right.  He lost weight.  Soon enough he was back to his normal weight.  All with one little change.  And the only way he figured out what to change was by doing a food audit.

So why not try a food audit for yourself and see what you can discover.  Maybe you have a chocolate bar with your afternoon coffee break every day and you never fully registered it.   Maybe two packets of sugar are making their way into every  coffee cup.

Try it out.  For one week simply write down everything you eat and drink.  Simple observation and see what you discover.

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