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The Heat is On (and the Stove is Off)


Mid-July.  And if you live in the northern hemisphere you might have had a few hot days already this year.  I’m talking about landing on the couch and not wanting to move a muscle hot.  I’m talking not wanting to look at the stove let alone turn it on hot.

So what is a frugal person to do to eat healthy at a time like this?

Break down and go to a restaurant and let someone else cook for you?  Well let’s see if we can come up with something just as easy to prepare in the heat for less money.  How about:

Mandarin Spinach Salad with Chicken

BBQ chicken already cooked and ready to go at the grocery store  $4 for two servings = $2 per serving

Prewashed spinach   $3 for 6 servings = $0.50 per serving

Mandarin orange slices  $1 for 4 servings = $0.25 per serving

Dried cranberries  $1 for 4 servings = $0.25 per serving

Your favourite vinaigrette  from the fridge (you know it’s in there)  $0.10 per serving

Total cost = $3.10

Which is a big cost savings compared to my favourite meal when I dine out which costs $10.

So it is definitely worth it to check the forecast before you take your weekly trip to the grocery store.  That way extreme hot weather won’t be too big of a surprise and you can get in some great healthy meals for when the temperature goes through the roof.

And it will save you from having to leave your nice cool home where the shades have been pulled down all day and go back out into the heat wave to go to the restaurant.   Instead just pour yourself a nice cool drink of water, turn on the fan, put your feet up and enjoy your chicken and mandarin spinach salad.     Aaaahhhh summertime.

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