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Number One


The number one way to save money on your food budget is to stay home and cook for yourself.

Now I can hear a chorus of people clearing their throats in preparation for telling me how they have no time to do that.  But what this blog is going to do is show you how to cook healthy, delicious meals in LESS time than it would take to pack everyone into the car, drive through rush hour traffic (this is dinner time and everyone else in the neighbourhood had the exact same idea as you about going out), unpack everyone from the car, stand in line at the restaurant (saving time yet?) then finally eat.

The recipes in this blog will even be faster than your dialing a telephone and sitting around for half an hour waiting for the pizza to arrive.  So let’s begin:

The Really, Really, Really Strapped for Time, Super Quick Supper

1 big can diced tomatoes

1/2 can black beans

1/4 bag frozen corn

2 cups water

Put  the corn and tomatoes into a pot.  Strain and rinse the black beans.  Add half to the pot.  Add the water.   If you’d like some herbs add them now (oregano always tastes good with this).  Stir it all together.

At this point you can heat it up on the stove on medium heat until bubbling.  But if you are in a real rush,  just ladle the soup into individual bowls and microwave each one for three minutes or so.

It makes a great meal all by itself but you can also serve with bread and cheese or with some tortilla chips.

Hopefully there is some soup left in the pot because it is going to be the base for tomorrow’s dinner.

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